class_name = CLI
   class_path = plugins.cli
#   ip =
#   port = 2323
#   update = false

This plugin listens for a telnet connection. ip = used network interface, e.g. (localhost, default) or listen on all network interfaces: port = used network port, default 2323 update = restrict the access of the items to read only (false, default) or allows read/write access (true)


Telnet to the configured IP adress and port. helplist an set of available commands:

cl: clean (memory) log
ls: list the first level items
ls item: list item and every child item (with values)
la: list all items (with values)
lo: list all logics and next execution time
lt: list current thread names
update item = value: update the specified item with the specified value
up: alias for update
tr logic: trigger logic
rl logic: reload logic
rr logic: reload and run logic
quit: quit the session
q: alias for quit

Example: up office.light = On to update an item.