is a modular framework to automate your (smart) home.

See the install and config section to dive into your smarthome experience.

You could find information about the Pi image at the wiki page.

Release 1.0 - 2013-11-14

Change to Python 3.X!!! (for X >= 2)

With Contributions from:

  • Daniel (mode)
  • Jan N. Klug
  • Lars Bernau (lbernau)
  • Marcus (mannmawg)
  • Mark Hönisch
  • Matthias Lemke
  • Mike Pieper
  • Mirko Hirsch
  • mptei
  • Niko Will
  • Oliver Hinckel
  • Robert Budde
  • xtcommerce

New Plugins

  • Artnet
  • Boxcar
  • DLMS
  • easymeter
  • eBusd
  • ecmd
  • eta_pu
  • Hue
  • iaqstick
  • Kostal
  • NetIO230B
  • NMA
  • SMA
  • Squeezebox
  • vr100
  • wettercom

Base Features

  • sh.match_items, eval_trigger and watch_item: supports item attribute matches by ‘:attribute’ e.g. ‘*:my’ every item with the attribute my.

  • New item methods:
    • item.timer and autotimer to set a item value after the specified time
    • age()
    • prev_age()
    • last_change()
    • prev_change()
    • last_update()
    • prev_value()
  • New methods:
    •, hum)
  • New start options:
    • -V: shows the Version
    • -i: starts the interactive mode

Plugin Features

  • Asterisk: ast_db attribute to control Asterisk database entries
  • KNX: new knx_status attribute
  • Network: new attribute nw_udp_send to send UDP packets on an item change.
  • RRDTool: use rrd = init to initialize the item value with the last database entry.
  • SQLite: use sqlite = init to initialize the item value with the last database entry.


  • Python 3.2 migration
  • Visu: new attributes acl and visu_acl
  • predefined items env.core and env.system tree used by smartVISU
  • SQLite: Due to huge speed improvements the database has to be deleted. This will take place at the first start.
  • 1-Wire: adding DS18S20 support
  • new config separtor for multiple entries: |
  • improving logic response time


If you want to migrate to the new (Python) version, you have to do the following steps:

# install the base
$ sudo apt-get install python3 python3-dev python3-setuptools
$ sudo easy_install3 pip
$ sudo pip-3.2 install ephem

# to convert your old configuration !very important!
$ ./tools/

# change your logic files to python3 syntax
$ 2to3-3.2 -f idioms -f all -w

# remove the old python pyc files
$ find . -name *.pyc -type f -print0 | xargs -0 /bin/rm -f

# if you want to use the RRDTool plugin
$ sudo apt-get install librrd-dev
$ cd lib/3rd/rrdtool
$ sudo python3 install