install by

$ apt-get install bluez
$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
$ simple-agent hci0 
RequestPinCode (/org/bluez/3070/hci0/dev_bt_addr_underscores)
Enter PIN Code: 
New device (/org/bluez/3070/hci0/dev_bt_addr_underscores)
$ bluez-test-device trusted  yes
$ bluez-test-device list

Supported Hardware

A Vorwerk Kobold VR100 robotic vacuum cleaner with a retrofitted bluetooth module.



    class_name = VR100
    class_path = plugins.vr100
    bt_addr = 07:12:07:xx:xx:xx
#    update_cycle = 60

Description of the attributes:

  • bt_addr: MAC-address of the robot (find out with ‘hcitool scan’)
  • update_cycle: interval in seconds how often the data is read from the robot (default 60)


You can use all commands available by the serial interface.

For a explanation of all available commands type ‘help’ when connected to robot

Attributes: * vr100_cmd: used to set a comand string * vr100_info: used to get data from the robot - all but the last strings are send as a comand, the last string is read to get the value

Fields: * {}: the value of the item is written to this placeholder (don’t use if a fixed/no value is required)

You should verify all your commands manually by using the serial interface.

    type = bool
    vr100_cmd = Clean
      type = bool
      vr100_cmd = Clean Spot
      type = num
      sqlite = true
      vr100_info = GetCharger FuelPercent
      type = bool
      vr100_info = GetCharger ChargingActive
      type = bool
      vr100_info = GetCharger EmptyFuel
      type = num
      sqlite = true
      vr100_info = GetCharger VBattV