This plugin has no requirements or dependencies.



    class_name = Prowl
    class_path = plugins.prowl
    apikey = asdf1234asdf1234 # secret global key for prowl


  • apikey: this attribute is optional. You could define a global apikey for the prowl service.


Because there is only one function you could access it directly by the object. With the above example it would look like this: sh.notify('Intrusion', 'Living room window broken!') This function takes several arguments:

  1. event: type of event.
  2. description: describes the event.
  3. priority: you could give a priority (0-2) to differentiate beetween events on your mobile device.
  4. url: This url would be linked to the notification.
  5. apikey: you could specify an individual apikey.
  6. application: describes the name of the application. By default it is SmartHome.
# some examples
sh.notify('Intrusion', 'Living room window broken', 2, '')
sh.notify('Tumbler', 'finished', apikey='qwerqwer')