This plugin has no requirements or dependencies.



    class_name = Luxtronic2
    class_path = plugins.luxtronic2
    host =
    # port = 8888


  • host: specifies the hostname of your heating server.
  • port: if you want to use a nonstandard port.


Each heating controlled with a Luxtronic 2.0 controller has different things which can controlled or different information which can be received. The reason for that is that every heating system can have special modules installed or mounted to the system itself. To have the most generic way to read state informations or change values this plugin is based on the index values of the ouput from your heating. There are three main sections: * ‘parameter’: all parameters which are needed to control the heating (parameters can be changed with this plugin, so be careful with them). Attention: because the protocol is not well documented, not every parameter and its function is knwon. * ‘attribute’: I’m not sure what they are for. In the Java Applet on the webserver of the heating itself it is used as visibility and it seems that these are only boolean flags, maybe to control which parameter is realy needed. * ‘calculated’: returns calculated information. For example the current state or the time the heating was running until now.

For all of the following items.conf attributes you have to define the right index for the output from your heating.


Special post processed values from the calculated section for the most important information (read-only).

Processed indexes are: 119: current state of the heating as string 10, 11, 12, 15, 19, 20, 151, 152: original float values encoded as integer so they’re just divided by ten.


Defines a mapping to a parameter (remember, parameters are read- and writeable). All parameter are integer (numbers).


Defines a mapping to a attribute (read-only). All attribute values are bytes (numbers).


Defines a mapping to a calculated value (read-only). All calculated values are integer (numbers).

        type = num
        lux2 = 10
        type = num
        lux2_c = 119
        type = str
        lux2 = 119


Currently there is no logic configuration for this plugin.


Currently there are no functions offered from this plugin.