This plugin is designed to retrieve data from a KOSTAL inverter module (e.g. PICO inverters).

Supported Hardware

Is currently working with the following KOSTA inverter modules:




The plugin can be configured like this:

   class_name = Kostal
   class_path = plugins.kostal
   ip =
#   user = pvserver
#   passwd = pvwr
#   cycle = 300

This plugin retrieves data from a KOSTAL inverter module of a solar energy plant.

The data retrieval is done by establishing a network connection to the inverter module and retrieving the status via a HTTP request.

You need to configure the host (or IP) address of the inverter module. Also the user and password attributes (user, passwd) can be overwritten, but defaults to the standard credentials.

The cycle parameter defines the update interval and defaults to 300 seconds.



This attribute references the information to retrieve by the plugin. The following list of information can be specified:

  • power_current: The current power of the solar installation
  • power_total: The total amount of generated energy
  • power_day: The amount of generated energy for the current day
  • status: The textual status of the module (off, feeding, ...)
  • string1_volt ... string3_volt: The current voltage of string 1, 2, 3
  • string1_ampere ... string3_ampere: The current ampere of string 1, 2, 3
  • l1_volt ... l3_volt: The current voltage of L 1, 2, 3
  • l1_watt ... l3_watt: The current watt of L 1, 2, 3


Example configuration which shows the current status and the current, total and daily power. Additionally it shows the volts and watts for the phases.

# items/my.conf
        type = str
        kostal = status
        type = num
        kostal = power_current
        type = num
        kostal = power_total
        type = num
        kostal = power_day
        type = num
        kostal = l1_watt
        type = num
        kostal = l1_watt
        type = num
        kostal = l2_watt
        type = num
        kostal = l2_watt
        type = num
        kostal = l3_watt
        type = num
        kostal = l3_watt


No logic related stuff implemented.


No methods provided currently.