ETA Pellet Unit PU


Supported Hardware

  • ETA Pellet Unit PU ( with remote access enabled (there are 3 modes available: none, readonly, read/write)



    class_name = ETA_PU
    class_path = plugins.eta_pu
    address =
    port = 8080
    setpath = '/user/vars'
    setname = 'smarthome'

Description of the attributes:

  • address: ip address of the ETA pellet unit
  • port: port of the ETA webserver (usally 8080)
  • setpath: path to the presaved sets of CAN-bus-uri
  • setname: the name of the set, used by this plugin


The ETA pellet unit organises the data with so calles “uri” (unified ressource identifier). Every uri is readable, some are also writable. Every uri represents a CAN-bus-id of all internal parts of the pellet unit. The ETA pellet unit replies to an uri-request e.g. with the following answer:


The plugin can read every part of the answer into an extra subitem depending of the requested type. There is an additional type “calc”, that calculates the reply with:

data = value * scale_factor + adv_text_offset

For writing operations, the “calc” type must be used. The plugin calculates the correct value to write down. Not every uri is writable. Generally, every data, changeable by the ETA touch display (user mode), can be written with the display.

The following item entries are available for reading and writing uri data:

  • eta_pu_uri: Contains the CAN-bus-id. The pellet unit shows all ids with discription by requesting http://ip/user/menu
  • eta_pu_type: Represents the field of the data line. Must be one of: strValue, unit, decPlaces, scaleFactor, advTextOffset or calc

There is a second item type available for reading error messages from the pellet unit.

  • eta_pu_error: The error message from the ETA pellet unit will be read.


The visu elements are optional.

# items/eta_pu.conf
            eta_pu_uri = 112/10021/0/0/12162
            type = str
                eta_pu_type = calc
                type = num
                eta_pu_type = unit
                type = str

        eta_pu_uri = 112/10111/0/0/12129
                visu_acl = ro
                type = str
                eta_pu_type = strValue
        eta_pu_uri = 112/10111/0/0/12134
                visu_acl = rw
                type = num
                eta_pu_type = calc

        eta_pu_error = yes
        type = str


No special logic functions available in the moment