Boxcar Notification Service


You need to register at and get a free Boxcar Account. In addition you need the free Boxcar App from Apple Appstore on your iOS Device.

Supported Hardware

  • Hardware supported by Service (ATM only iOS, Android comming soon - perhaps)



Please provide a plugin.conf snippet for your plugin with ever option your plugin supports. Optional attributes should be commented out.

    class_name = Boxcar
    class_path = plugins.boxcar
    apikey     = abcdefghij123456 # Get it from your Boxcar Account
    email      =    # Registered with Boxcar


Not needed yet.


To push a message to your iOS Device just call

sh.bc('House at Tulpenstrasse',' Waschmaschine fertig!')

sh is the main smarthome instance. bc is the name of the plugin instance (defined in plugins.conf in the squre brackets). Two parameters with text to be send are supported. If you only want to send one string, set the second string to an empty string.